The Cruel Painter of Radostdale

At the Minnesota Fringe Festival    Venue: Mixed Blood


July 31st 7pm
Aug 2nd 8:30pm
Aug 4th 5:30pm
Aug 7th 10pm
Aug 9th 4pm

Image by Sal “the dark cloak”

The second installment in the Terra Phantasma universe, The Cruel Painter of Radostdale is a Claw shadowvisual feast playing with light and shadow, both literally and metaphorically. We are blending new technologies in el-wire and LEDs with old theatre techniques of mime and puppetry to create a magical world.

The Cruel Painter tells the story of Iris Blackstock, her daughter Lilith and a student named Karl. Iris is a celebrated painter whose specialty is depictions of human suffering and cruelty. In every painting, hatred and pain are countered only by the complete indifference of a single repeated figure. A cold, unattainable beauty who bears the face of Lilith, her daughter. Karl is in love, not to say obsessed, with the girl in the paintings. And Iris knows that being in love with a cold, unattainable beauty is a special kind of suffering.

Can Karl survive the machinations of the cruel painter? Or will his heartache become the subject of her next brushstroke? Can Lilith learn to see the world through new eyes and open her heart to the possibilities? Will vampires drain their lifeblood before morning?

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Written and directed by Kirsten Stephens
Tamara Koltes
Taylor Van Denburgh
Gregory Parks
Anthony Michael
Eric Cohen

Original score by Joseph Finstrom

Costumes by Ilana Kapra


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