Spring Green Turns 2, Grows Up

It was one year ago that I started this Blog talking about the Corporeal Mime workshop in Spring Green, WI and now I am back in this charming town, already recovering from the first wave of soreness. No problem though – there's some nice swimming holes in the vicinity for relaxing.

Steve and Corinne have put together a full program this year. Two workshops (one three weeks and one two weeks), Saturday classes, and a series of performances and film screenings. Obviously their vision for this small country church building goes beyond teaching a few summer classes. Which means that in addition to getting some of the best physical actor training available, we all have the opportunity to see the art in action, by performers of various backgrounds with various styles.

Steve and Corinne's own company, Theatre de l'Ange Fou, will be debuting a new work, Waiting for Ulysses, opening this Saturday for a three week run. They have also invited students who, like myself, are currently performing some style of mime to join together and present an evening showcasing each artist's work. That will be next Wednesday, July 17th. It's hard to explain how excited I am about seeing these other experienced mime performers' work. To say this is a rare opportunity is like saying there's a few mosquitoes in Spring Green, WI. What is being created here is something more than a training facility, it is a place to build community; a small gathering spot in an idealic setting for those passionate about movement-centered theatre. Well, almost idealic. The pesky blood-sucking insects are keeping it real.



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