Rumors of Shadows

Rumors of Shadows

A new Terra Phantasma show by Kinetic Fusion Physical Theatre

The town of Radostdale is haunted by vampires. At least, that’s what people are saying, despite the town council’s best efforts to assure everyone. But how do you explain all the disappearances and strange deaths that happen in the dark? And how do you respond to an unseen powerful and seductive force? This night will provide the citizens of Radostdale with a new crop of horrific mysteries to haunt their dreams…

World Premier at Kansas City Fringe Festival

Venue: City Stage @Union Station
Sun July 24th 6pm
Tue July 26th 6pm
Fri July 29th 9pm
Sat July 30th 10:30pm

Starring Ben Kolis, Tamara Koltis, Kirsten Stephens, and Taylor Van Denburgh
Written by Tim Uren
Directed by Kirsten Stephens