Lights! Music! And Loads of Action!

Rick, Grant and Noe discuss lighting.

Tomorrow night I get to perform in a little showcase in a small town in a church converted to a theatre, with a cast of characters who also happen to be experienced performers. Right now I'm sitting in tech rehearsal watching Noe Zavala mark quickly through what appears to be a litany of, um… human nature's less glorious behaviors. Anyone coming with the mistaken assumption that “mime show” is synonymous with “kids show” may be in for a shock. My recent cohorts from LA, Rommel Ruiz and Lorin Salm are both making an appearance as well. The show is filled out by Rick Wamer and Grant Bashore who have now replaced Noe on stage and are consulting about the best look for a rainforest. The variety of styles we all bring should give the audience a pretty expansive vision of the capabilities of the art of mime. Perhaps most importantly, it is likely to expand our own ideas of what is possible.

Mai and Rommel relax in the new theatre seats.

I'm trying not to be nervous about performing along side these guys (yup, I am the only woman performing) and in front of my first corporeal mime teacher from my days in Paris. They are a friendly and relaxed bunch, which helps create a constructive environment. I think we are all hoping to get some good feedback. Nevertheless, it is always a bit nerve-racking to present your work to people you know are in fact capable of critiquing it. The artistic directors and this group have done a great job of creating a supportive, safe creative environment where good feedback can happen. Uh, hang on… on second thought I'm not sure I want to criticize the hissing Dracula that is now setting his lights. This is going to be an interesting show for sure.

An interesting side note: as if this group wasn't blowing enough mime stereotypes out of the water with this show… every single one of us speaks at least two languages. *ba-dum-ching*


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