Kansas City Workshop in March

Hey Kansas City! After the success of last year's workshop, Beth Byrd is bringing me back to town. This time I'll be performing and teaching.

To Register, contact Byrd Productions at 816-305-8188

Moving Sculptures, Telling Stories

Saturday March 23 & Sunday March 24, 10am-5pmwpid-Photo-May-24-2011-652-PM.jpg

The New Centuries Follies Studio inside The Arts Asylum
1000 E 9th Street, Kansas City MO.64106
(On the third floor of the west wing. Enter through the stage door in the rear of the building, easily accessed in the parking lot.)

$100 – Contact Byrd Productions at 816-305-8188 to reserve your spot

The moment you arrive on stage, before you even open your mouth, you have begun telling a story. Learning to sculpt your movements allows you to communicate with your audience more directly and with greater variety and precision. In this workshop we will delve into the techniques of both Marcel Marceau and Etienne Decroux (father of Corporeal Mime). We will explore the importance of weight, form, rhythm, and breath in creating character, illusion, and story in search of a more complete actor.

Marcel Marceau

The weekend's focus will be three-fold: Illusion, Rhythm and Articulation.

Starting with the basics of creating illusions, the miming of physical actions, we will also look briefly at the metaphoric application of lifting weight, pushing and pulling (or being pushed and pulled). Both action and metaphor require rhythm, which we will address through Decroux's dynamo-rhythms, learning to give texture to a phrase of movement. And finally, to articulate their body as carefully as their words, students will be introduced to the scales and triple designs that allow them to make precise choices about their movement and the idea or emotion it communicates to the audience.


Part of what I strive for in these short workshops is to give the students a greater awareness of their body in a way that also makes them more comfortable with it. Open to anyone who sets foot on stage for any reason: actors, improvists, dancers, comedians, circus performers, clowns, mimes, and storytellers will all benefit from the techniques taught. More than just a set of tools, they help develop a more purposeful stage presence and greater confidence in physical movement and in yourself. See you soon, KC!

To Register, contact Byrd Productions at 816-305-8188


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