iTweet, Therefore iAm

“Stephens is so animated and cheeky… creating a sort of caricature of objects and places that fit into her satirical world.” –

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A high-energy one-woman show that upgrades one of the oldest traditions of theatre for an internet savvy audience.  iTweet launches into the addictive world of Angry Birds, an independent woman on the rocks of e-romance, a live-actions YouTube video, and poses questions like, “Do you own a smartphone, or does your smartphone own you?”

“How self-confessed ‘gadget-aholic’ Kirsten Stephens builds on that concept is a wonder… Just go see this show.” – St. Paul Pioneer Press

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Run time: 60 min

Technical requirements: Ironically, this is a very low-tech show. It requires a sound system suitable for the venue. It is preferable to have proper theatre lighting with back and/or side lights, colors and the ability to isolate areas, but the show is not dependent on 2347-07-20120811awthis and retains the main strength of its impact even with a simple lights up, lights down.  As this is a movement-based show, adequate stage space is essential.  The stage area must be a minimum of 14ft wide and 10ft deep.






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