I Love Your Facial Expressions!

The title of this blog post is a comment I hear often. And in the small venues I perform in, it is possible that the audience is enraptured by my facial expressions. But I hope not.


Whenever I had the chance to see Marcel Marceau perform live, I would eavesdropping on conversations during the intmission, trying to hear people’s reaction to the Maestro. And without fail every single time I would hear people say things like, “His facial expressions are amazing!”, “I love his facial expressions” and “His facial expressions are just so…expressive!”. The thing is, since I was a poor student I could only afford to sit in the nose-bleed section. And the people I was listening to were primarily also sitting in the nose bleed section. There is no way they could see Marceau’s facial expressions with the kind of detail necessary to fall in love with them. In reality, what they were reacting to was the expression of his entire body. However, because we usually associate the face with expression, when explaining the powerful sense of emotion that Marceau was projecting, they assumed it was through facial expression . So, while I fully appreciate any and all enthusiastic responses to my own performances, I do hope that it is not entirely accurate.


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