Decroux vs Angry Birds

Four days after returning home I’ve finally managed to sit down to write my final entry from the Spring Green workshop. And it was immediately apparent that I can’t write a blog at home. Don’t know why, but it somehow requires a cafe setting. Who am I to argue with the call of an iced latte?

The whole two weeks was oh-so-worth it. After Friday’s class, before hitting the road, I stayed in the studio for a while to focus on some of the rough or vague spots in my upcoming shows. I wanted to consider if any lessons I’d learned during the workshop would apply to these trouble spots while everything was still fresh in my mind. I’m just going to highlight one the more dramatic discoveries from that hour.

It came when I realized that a descent we did in the first week could be modified to make a kick-ass “explode in a poof of feathers” moment for my Angry Birds skit. Surely not what Decroux had in mind when he invented this movement that consists of suddenly and swiftly arching backwards to aesthetically keep your knees from crashing into the floor. But I hope he would approve. Because in the end, the technique is not a rigid practice of triple designs and weird arm exercises. Rather, it is a way to give exactly the impression you want to give, with not a hint of intention less or more. It is also a way of learning to take risks and maintain control, and above all training the body to be a tool of the imagination. Whether the imagination uses it to conjur Lucifer’s fall from glory or a poof of cartoon feathers is up to the actor.

Steve and Corinne plan to be back next year, and I highly recommend them to any actor wanting a physical education for our art form and adaptable to their own style (or their director’s). No firm dates yet, but here’s where you’ll find the information:


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