Up Next: Kansas City Fringe and Workshop

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Rumors of Shadow

World Premier at the KC Fringe, July 21-31

Residents of the sleepy town of Radostdale don’t dare close their eyes after the sun goes down. Mysterious events, disappearances, shadows hidden in the mist, and the word “vampire” is on everyone’s lips. Whisper it, scream it, mock it. After tonight, the rumors will only get stronger.

Devising Theatre Workshop in Kansas City, July 30th

Learn using physical and collaborative skills in ensemble based theatre with members of Kinetic Fusion.

Terra Phantasma is a transmedia, interactive universe that follows the lives of the citizens of Radostdale, a town gripped by the conviction that vampires are lurking in the shadows. Created by a collaboration of independent artists, their stories drive at the very heart of fear, courage, depravity and love – all the things that make up life.

Night Bandits

The webcomic that first introduced us to Rasdostdale. Click here to follow Octavius the Black (and Blue) and his band of scalawags in bi-weekly installments from Sal aka “The Dark Cloak”.